Portofino is a famous village of the Ligure riviera. It stands in a protected bay in the wide Tigullio Gulf. With its narrow and coloured houses, leaning against one another, it looks like a simple fishermen village. Its numerous small streets all lead to the now world famous small pebbled square. Here nature and worldliness come together: Portofino, sanctuary of the VIPs, crossroads of famous people, and Portofino of the Protected Park and Natural Area, with its footpaths, its Mediterranean maquis, its deep waters. A very special seamen village unites with the untouched nature. Here, one can walk around in the small port amongst the luxurious boats and maybe meet cinema stars. One can also choose to take a walk till the lighthouse or a tour of the opulent-looking villas, hidden among the olive trees, where the protagonists of newspapers columns and magazines have been living since the 1950s. In all cases, Portofino is a magical and enchanting place, whose visit reveals different but always fascinating aspects, to be discovered and seen in all its different nuances. The bay of San Fruttuoso opens itself behind the promontory of Portofino, Natural Reserve, with its famous bronze statue of Cristo degli Abissi (Christ of the Abysses) , known by the underwater divers from the whole world, which was deposited at the bottom of the deep waters of San Fruttuoso on August 22nd 1954.


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